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Urban Tweeter Glasses - Black (Set of 2)


A set of 2 ceramic mugs with a wooden handle. Perfect for hot beverages, lemonade, sangria, and a lot of chatter.

The Urban Tweeter series is an exercise in abstraction, inspired by the new-found habitat of birds in the city high-rises. At the same time, it is also the artists’ comment on our new social construct, where we tweet instead of actually meeting, poke instead of actually embracing.

The products invite us to chatter over a pitcher of sangria or a cup of tea. They are intended to be conversation starters, and perhaps even an excuse to call your friends over!

Handcrafted in ceramic & natural wood, the Urban Tweeters have inspired people around the world. Pick yours and settle down to a nice tête-à-tête with your pal.

Material: Ceramic + Wood (seasoned & lacquered)
Color: Matte Black
Dimensions75 x 100 mm