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Artistically handcrafted gift boxes for every occasion, hobby, client and corporate gifting, events, weddings and all those times when you feel like pampering yourself or your loved ones. You can also custom curate the gift by tossing the favorite items from our shop and we pack it beautifully with handwritten note card.

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Unique Mother's Day Gift Ideas
Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and we know folks are searching for ways to remind their mothers just how important they are. In this post you’ll not only find gifts you can give, but ways you can spend time and make some memories with your mom while you’re at it. 



We believe gifting is an art form, which allows our boxes to stand out and your company to wow your corporate partners or clients. It’s the little touches through client and corporate gifting that help you land clients for life. These gifts are designed to be things that people will keep, share and talk about, and our gifting services allow you to achieve that.


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