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Where creativity meets gifting!

We are a team of passionate people who bring a creative approach when it comes to picking out the perfect gift for someone, whether it's a friend, family member, bridal party or corporate gift for employees. We've been disappointed by gift baskets and gift boxes in the past - ones filled with cheap, cliche items that feel cold - and we're on a mission to ensure our boxes never feel that way. When a recipient opens an Artsy Box, they feel the joy and sentiment that goes into creating it.

This happens because we focus on all the details from the beginning to the end of the process. To start, we have the honor of working with an incredible variety of vendors, which allows us to stay within your price point but also offer high quality, fun and useful gifts you think will capture the feeling you want. All of these products are ethically manufactured, come from an understanding of cross-cultural gifting and support small and women-owned businesses. It's important the items you choose for your gift box have a story behind them and are high quality, no matter the price point. From there, we hand-package each box ourselves and use biodegradable packaging because we are conscious of our impact on the environment. Finally, we can handle all shipping details - a particularly helpful service for large orders where you're looking to ship to several different recipients in different locations. We want every detail of your gift to be perfect so you don't have to stress. We handle it all.

While we think all of our pre-curated boxes are wonderful, where our creative abilities really shine are with the custom curated boxes we often create for corporate clients. With our custom curation process, we work with you to create something truly unique and fitting for what you want to achieve. We have the ability to find new products not listed on our site to fit the theme or occasion you are hoping to celebrate, incorporate your branding on products or in the packaging and fulfill large-scale orders for things like client gifting, celebrating employees, employee on-boarding and more.

 Gift giving is an art form - let us be your ARTISTS.

Meet the founder

Hey everyone, I'm Lekha, the face behind this small business. You'll notice on our site we talk a lot about the art of gifting, and that's because I'v e always been a bit of an artist. Ever since I was a young girl in India, colors, paint brushes and canvases have been my best friend. I went on to earn a diploma in interior design so I could keep flexing those creative muscles of mine, and after moving to the US in 2014 I also learned web and graphic design.

I'm also a giving soul. Brightening someone’s day with a cup of coffee or dropping a Christmas gift to a friend’s doorstep gives me an immense joy, and I spend a lot of time thinking about the best way to show someone I care about them.

That's where I find my passion in this business. The first Artsy Box was actually born in 2017 while I was attempting to find the perfect gift for my husband. I wanted to get him a variety of things, but I couldn't find a good gift package that wasn't cheaply wrapped in cellophane or filled with items I knew were mass manufactured and wouldn't last. I found some gifts from small businesses I knew he'd appreciate and created my own gift box. I love that we can be a small but beautiful part of human connection for any occasion.

I want your experience with The Artsy Box to be truly unique. In fact, you may see some of my own, one-of-a-kind designs in a product line soon. You can't keep me away from my paint brushes and canvas for too long 😉


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