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Carry Cup Ceramic Travel Mug with Lid - Sage Green


Carry Cup by Uberstar is a universal coffee cup that can be used at home or on-the-go.

As a nation, the most popular material of mugs is ceramic, yet when it comes to travel mugs they only seem to be available in stainless steel, glass or plastic. We set out to design a universal mug that you will use at home and carry with you, wherever you roam.

Our ceramic mug is wrapped in a thick silicone sleeve helps keep your drink hot while allowing it to be cooler to touch. The silicone sleeve goes to the very base of the cup, which means it grips nicely on surfaces; no coaster required. Finished in a beautiful soft blush pink and matt varnished to protect from staining.

The lip of the mug is smooth, allowing for a pleasant drinking experience. The Carry Cup also comes complete with a color matching open/close lid, making it more secure when drinking on the move. So join our sustainable revolution and buy one mug to suit all occasions and prevent the use of disposable coffee cups.