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Unique Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Posted on April 23 2021

Unique and beautiful mother's day gift boxes

She’s the first person we connect with. The first person we rely on. The first person we love. The first person to love us. 


Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and we know folks are searching for ways to remind their mothers just how important they are. It’s no easy task. Many of us spend our lives looking for ways to thank our mothers for all they’ve given up for us. 

Of course, showing your love for your mom has to go beyond a gift once a year that tells her you’re thinking of her. A Mother’s Day gift is a wonderful way to show your appreciation for your mom, but beyond that, creating memories is perhaps the best way to thank her for everything does for you year round. 

If you’re feeling a little lost on how you can celebrate Mother’s Day this year, we’re here with some ideas for you. In this post you’ll not only find gifts you can give, but ways you can spend time and make some memories with your mom while you’re at it. 


If there’s one thing mom’s are known for, it’s taking care of everyone else before they take care of themselves. There’s a reason spa packages are popular gifts for mothers, but if your mom is staying home right now because of Covid or you’d prefer a gift that lasts more than one day, The Spa Saga box is perfect. This is a brand new gift box that includes luxurious body butter and a scrub, fig leaf, cardamom and vetiver bath salts, a soy candle and delicious dark chocolate. 

          Spa inspired Mother's Day Gift 2021     Relaxing mother's day gift

The Rest and Relaxation gift box is another option to consider and could allow you to get in on the fun. It comes with two face masks, essential oils and sea salt soap so you can encourage your mom to pamper herself, and even join her. For this gift idea, go all out by setting up an at-home manicure station, playing some soothing music and spending an hour together talking and primping. 


You can rarely go wrong with some sweet treats when it comes to a gift for anyone. A build-your-own gift box allows you to pick out some tasty sweets and savory snacks that your mom would love to munch on, like some
sea salt caramel chews, chocolate cacao nib shortbread cookies or a raspberry rose gourmet dark chocolate bar.

To make this more memorable, add a box of tea or some of our coffee options in the gift box as well and spend Mother’s Day eating sweets and drinking some warm beverages while you look over old family photo albums and reminisce. 


Maybe it’s painting, maybe it’s plants, maybe it’s journaling. Your mom has something she loves to do during her “me” time, so get her a gift that encourages her to take even more time for herself. 

If you can’t think of a hobby your mom already has, maybe encourage her to start one with your gift. Everyone deserves to have something they do that brings them joy, so remind your mom of this by encouraging her to try something new. 


You can’t go wrong with a little breakfast in bed or a nice homemade brunch. Avoid overcrowded restaurants that can’t give you great service anyway because they’re spread too thin and make something yourself. Even if you can’t cook, scrambled eggs and toast is about the easiest meal there is, but we also have a gift box, Breakfast in Bed, that will make it even easier for you. If you have the food covered, The Brunch Cocktails Collection gift box was created with Mother’s Day in mind. This new gift box includes With Co cocktail mix, a bath and shower fizzer bar, some pink champagne mug cake mix, delectable chocolates, a soy candle and a floral wine tumbler. 

      The Brunch cocktails gift box for mothers day   Breakfast in bed gift box

You can also extend this gift idea throughout the day and make your mom a home cooked lunch or dinner as well to celebrate Mother’s Day if that works easier. She’ll appreciate the break, especially if you clean up after. Grab a gift box with some of our cocktail mixes in it to add something a little extra to the meal, like The Golden State box with ginger spice Moscow mule cocktail mixer, dark chocolate, sea salt soap, a soy candle and vanilla shortbread cookies. 


The first year of motherhood is potentially one of the most difficult. They say it takes a village to raise a child, and that’s never more true than when a family is adjusting to a new addition. If you have a loved one who’s celebrating their first Mother’s Day, don’t forget to send them a little love and support as well. Any of the gift boxes mentioned above would work great for a new mom, but if there’s one thing a lot of new mothers really want, it’s some extra coffee. Well, really, it would be more sleep, but in lieu of that with a newborn, coffee will have to do. 

The Morning Brew gift box is perfect for this. It comes with two packages of delicious pour over coffee, a soy candle, some Cardamom crisp cookies and a mug with an inspirational “see the good” message for when things are feeling particularly tough. 

We hope these ideas give you some inspiration for planning out a wonderful celebration for the person you call mom this upcoming Mother’s Day, but don’t forget you can always check out our build your own gift section on our website to scroll through tons of products that might make the gift even more personal. No matter how you choose to celebrate, Happy Mother’s Day from The Artsy Box!