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Posted on March 26 2021


After spending months with clients working to get them in their dream home, it might seem like overkill to go above and beyond with a realtor closing gift. We’ve found that many realtors will simply go for a traditional bottle of wine or a cheesy closing gift basket, often overpriced for what actually comes in it.

We suggest you put some thought and time into your closing gifts for buyers, though. Oftentimes this is the last impression you’ll leave on a client, and last impressions are just as important as first ones. This will help you remain top of mind when the buyer is looking to sell or purchase another property down the road, or when they’re making recommendations to friends and family. 

We work with plenty of realtors on creating the perfect custom gift boxes full of luxury and high end gifts to help them stand out, and we see a lot of the same questions over and over again. Consider this blog post a great starting point to determine if our services are right for you as well as an inspiration board as you start to think about the closing gift boxes you want to create. 

1. Where do I start?
Let’s begin by thinking about what message you want to send to your clients with your gift boxes. If you’re getting them a gift, it’s likely it’s because they’ve closed on a home, so start there! Think of homey things like blankets, a cheeseboard, kitchen towels, coasters, candles and other items that will help them settle into their new environment. 

Also, this is likely a huge step for them, whether it’s the first home they’ve purchased or the fifth, so think celebratory. Maybe throw in a cocktail syrup or some gourmet snacks for them to enjoy on their first night in the home. All of these are items we already offer or would be happy to curate from small businesses for you so you are giving something truly special to your clients.

Realtor closing gift

Add personal touch via branding
Finally, don’t forget to put a touch of you in there. We wouldn’t recommend branding every item in a gift box - that would be overkill. But we do believe your client should know this closing gift is from you immediately upon opening. Some of our clients choose to do this with brand colors with the ribbon or packaging inside the box, by putting their branding on one or two of the actual gift items or with a handwritten note. By the way, we always recommend a handwritten note in every box. It’s the ultimate personal touch. 

Customized realtor closing gifts

I have an idea of what I want, but I don’t want to have to reorder this every single time a client closes.
We understand. While you absolutely can order an individual gift box every time you want to get a realtor closing gift for a client, you don’t need to by any means. We offer bulk gifting, which means you can order a number of gift boxes to have ready to go each time you need to send one out. Having the gift boxes on hand can make things easier for you and gives you the opportunity to hand deliver them if you’d like, adding an even greater personal touch.

Closing gifts for realtors with branding

4. What if I don’t want to hand deliver the closing gifts, or even mail them out myself?
That’s something we can also take care of. You just let us know where you need the gift sent and when, and we will handle all shipping details while providing you with the tracking information so you are in the loop as well. 

5. What if I also want to send referral gifts as well?
Here at The Artsy Box, we believe the more gifts, the better. Referral gifts are also something we’d be happy to help you with in terms of determining the right items to go inside, packaging, shipping and more. If you’re planning on sending both closing gifts and referral gifts, we suggest you go a little smaller on the referral gifts, particularly if you believe you’ll be sending multiple to previous clients. 

For example, you could go with a large gift box for all closing gifts for buyers. Then, if you get a referral from one of them, you could send a smaller gift box with different items in it that you’ve created with us ahead of time. If you get another referral from this client, perhaps you send them just a standalone item or a gift card. For a fourth referral, you could send another smaller gift box, but again filled with different items so they aren’t getting duplicates. 

Referral gift boxes for realtors


Referral gifts for realtors

There are so many ways you can make your closing gifts for buyers stand out and thank them for choosing you to go through an at times stressful and grueling process with. If you’re still feeling a bit lost and would like more help, please don’t hesitate to reach out and set up a call with us. We can ask you more about goals, budget and ideas and come up with something truly unique for you and your brand. 

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