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Holiday gifts for everyone on your list

Posted on November 19 2020

Holiday gifts for everyone on your list

It happens every year: The holidays come around and we are at a total loss for what to purchase for the people we love. Ultimately we may find a present, but often we don’t love it and wish we had put more time and thought into it. 

That’s where we might be able to help. At The Artsy Box, you’re able to build your own custom box for someone and pick out exactly what you think they’ll love. But if even that seems too daunting for some of the more difficult people to shop for in your life, we also have plenty of curated boxes that are ready to be shipped wherever you need. 

We have a lot of options, so we’ve broken it all down below based on who you might be shopping for and what boxes might work best.


Holiday gift ideas for colleagues

holiday gifts for colleagues, employees, team mates and friends

Whether you’re buying something for everyone you work with or for a workplace gift exchange, a great gift option for someone you work with is our Sweet Treat mini box. There aren’t too many people that don’t love a good piece of chocolate, some delicious popcorn and some marshmallows to snack on. After all, there’s a reason folks say the best way to someone’s heart is through their stomach. 

Another great, gender-neutral option for anyone in your office is our Take A Break box - because we could all use one of those this year. This gift box includes a small journal, a nice pen, a box of candied pecans and some technology wipes for all their gadgets.


Holiday gift ideas for in-laws

Holiday gifts for in-laws

Especially if you’re recently married or have just started dating your significant other, purchasing gifts for your in-laws can be a little scary. Here are a few ideas for your… 

Mother in law: You can’t go wrong with some nice, sea salt soap, a wintery candle and some high quality chocolate. Our Winter White box would be perfect for her.

Father in law: When in doubt when it comes to dads, go with snacks. The Sweet and Salty box is the ultimate snack gift box and can even work as a combined gift for your in-law parents. It includes salted pistachios, a pine nut chocolate bar, milk chocolate mint hot cocoa mix, caramel chocolate drizzle artisanal popcorn, vanilla shortbread cookies and sea salt and pepper toasted cashews. 

Sister in law: Nothing screams the holidays like hot cocoa, and pretty much everyone loves curling up with a mug of it every once in a while. Our Peace Love Cocoa box is great for a sister-in-law (or anyone else you can think of) because it screams cozy. The gift box includes a tin of milk chocolate cinnamon hot cocoa, a white ceramic candle and espresso marshmallows. 

Brother in law: You can’t go wrong with a good cocktail. The Cocktail Hour box comes with ginger spice cocktail syrup, a ceramic porter mug, a matte black wine opener and a winter white candle (because most guys we know could use something nice smelling in their home). 

Holiday gift ideas for new couple

Holiday gift ideas for recently engaged, newly weds, new home owners

If you know a couple who has moved in together recently or just purchased their first home, we highly recommend The Great Indoors gift box. This can also be a great gift for someone you know who loves to host. The box comes with a stunning acacia brie cheese board with cheese knives, a pine nut chocolate bar, salted pistachios, a jar of candied almonds, melato organic honey, a box of flatbread bites and a wooden honey dipper.

Another great option is our Cozy Season box. This box gives them the gift of coziness with two ceramic porter mugs, an amber and cedar soy candle, caramel chocolate drizzle popcorn, melato organic honey and a wooden honey diaper, a Cup of Sunshine herbal tea and incense cones.

Holiday gift ideas for teen girls

Holiday gift ideas for teen girls, teachers, neighbors and friends

Especially if it’s a teen girl you don’t know well, we suggest keeping your gift simple. The Golden Tree box includes a cute mulled cider golden tree candle that’s very festive as well as some gingerbread cookies. It’s an easy gift that most will enjoy. 

If you want to go for something a little more inspiring, perhaps for a little sister or someone you’re mentoring, check out our Big Ideas box. This one includes a “Big Ideas” journal, two gold slim pens, a nice porter mug, some sea salt chocolate and a winter white ceramic candle. It’s perfect for someone you want to encourage to dream big.

Holiday gift ideas for best friend

Holiday gift ideas for best friend, white christmas gift exchange, home office gifts

If your friend is a bit of a workaholic or maybe started a new job this year, take a look at our Slay The Day box. It comes with a fun notepad that says “Slay The Day” on it to inspire them every morning, two gold pens, a chocolate bar for a sweet treat and a bag of delicious pour-over coffee to get their morning started out right.

Do you want to go with a more general gift to cheer up a friend that’s maybe had a rough year? The Comfort & Joy box can help bring just that: comfort and joy to someone who needs it. This gift package comes with a cozy throw blanket, a cranberry petite reed diffuser, mini gingerbread tile cookies and a gingerbread chocolate bar. 

The Coffee Break box is an awesome gift to send to a coffee lover. It comes with a slate ceramic porter mug, two packages of single-serve pour-over coffee, a golden spoon, five-space dark chocolate caramel candies to enjoy with their cuppa joe and a winter-scented candle for their office. 

There are so many more ideas on our site depending on who you are buying for and what they like. Still need some more help? Feel free to reach out to us - we’d be happy to help you find the perfect gift.