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Holiday gifting with The Artsy Box

Posted on November 13 2020

Holiday gifting with The Artsy Box


Welcome to The Artsy Box, a one-stop shop for gift boxes that you can share year round with clients, colleagues and loved ones to celebrate all the big and small moments in your life.

Because this is our first blog post, we thought we’d take a few moments to share with you a little bit about who we are and what we do.

Hi, I am Lekha Shah, founder and owner of full-service custom gifting company, The Artsy Box. It all started because I, like you, needed help sometimes when it comes to finding the perfect gift to give to someone we love and in 2017 I was searching online around the holidays for a gift to give to my husband. Rather than get him one thing, I had this idea of getting him a variety of gifts and giving them to him in one box. 

My husband ended up absolutely loving his gift, and I really loved finding different vendors to work with to create a present that he would end up really enjoying. Fast-forward to July 2018, and The Artsy Box was born.

The whole idea behind what we do is to help people connect through gift-giving. There’s a reason it’s one of the five love languages, after all. Giving someone a well-thought out present is a great way to show them you are thinking of them, that you’re celebrating them, or that you love them. 

As we gear up for the holiday season, The Artsy Box options are great for anyone you’re looking to buy for, whether you work in a corporate office and want to give gifts to your employees, clients or vendors to thank them for their hard work or if you’re an individual looking for the perfect Christmas present for a family member, friend or general gift exchange you’re participating in. 

We’re passionate about what we do because we truly believe gift giving is an art form. We also know it can be stressful if you’re feeling totally lost on what to get someone. We get so much joy out of creating gift boxes for anyone and any occasion we can think of. Looking for something special for Mother’s Day? A gift for someone who just purchased their first home? A present for a couple who just recently got married? There’s something for them on our site, and if there isn’t, we’ll help you create a gift box that fits your needs. Yes, that’s right - we offer custom boxes as well as a build-your-own gift box option! 

As holidays are around the corner, client and corporate gifting will be at an all time high. We work with companies to create something unique for their employees, vendors or clients as a thank you for what they do. This includes incorporating a company’s branding into the gift, creating custom packages, shipping them directly to the corporate client to hand out themselves or to those receiving the gifts and so much more. 


Meanwhile, our holiday gift boxes are also great for anyone you’re looking to shop for. A family member, a colleague, a close friend, a Secret Santa exchange you’ve signed up for or anyone else you’re having trouble nailing down.

If I were to choose a holiday gift box for myself, I’d pick the Comfort & Joy gift box, which comes with a cozy throw blanket, a cranberry-scented reed diffuser, chocolate and cookies. It’s the perfect cozy gift for just about anyone, if I’m being honest, to help them get into the spirit and enjoy their holidays!


Are you ready to get some of that holiday shopping done now? Go ahead and click here to view our holiday collection to get started.